Three New Obsessions (well two new, one old)

Three New Obsessions (well two new, one old)

Like many people, I like to snack. I honestly do not think that snacking is wrong, as long as you are sticking to healthy treats and do not overeat. One thing I love to snack on is chips. I usually go for plain, or lightly salted potato chips, and almost always some variation of kettle style chips. However, they are not the best thing to grab from the cupboards to curb midday munchies, so I have been looking for healthier and more filling alternatives. I came across two alternatives to potato chips in the last week and knew I had found my go-to snacks from now on, and I just have to share it with the world. 

My first snack obsession is Simply 7 Quinoa Chips. If you have ever had prawn chips, they are similar to those but without the prawn flavouring, and a whole lot healthier for you. When I picked them up to read the packaging in the store I was shocked that it felt like I had just lifted up a bag of air, that’s how light these chips are, luckily they are just light and the bag is filled with chips, not air. The chips texture and look remind me of packing peanuts, only edible versions and squared shaped. They are honey-combish/spongy feeling, and although look dainty they do not easily give way if you push down on them. As for the taste, it is hard to decide how to describe it exactly. I have been eating the sea salt chips, so there is a salty taste, but very subtle just as they state on the official website. I think the best way to describe the taste is nutty and a slight taste of oil but in a good way. These are definitely the type of chips I would graze on while enjoying a beach time trip or binge watching Netflix. The chips themselves only have 7 ingredients, all of which I can pronounce and would happily use in my own kitchen. The company Simply 7 really do keep it just that, simple.


Second snack I wish to bring to your attention is Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps. I am so happy that I found these and decided to buy them. I love them. I have spoken about my love of veggies chips in other posts, but also noted just how expensive they are. These crisps are inexpensive, made from real legumes and overall healthy and delicious. They are crisp and crunchy, which is awesome from a baked treat. They kind of melt in the mouth and turn soft but also retain so much flavour and goodness. The only downside I find with these is a slight greasy aftertaste, but not so much that it turns me off of them. I love how innovative these are and would love to see these crisps become mainstream. I must warn you though they can be highly addictive, I just had some and as I write this I am craving more. I may have to give in. I recommend trying them on top of salad, they are a fun way to get some crunch and extra flavour in a meal. 

For my last obsessions, I want to move on from chip alternatives to beverage alternatives. I honestly do not drink tons of pop, and usually stick to ginger ale when I do have some but about a year ago I found DRY Soda Co. at my local grocery store and based on the flavours alone had to try them. My favourite flavour by far is the Lavender Soda, it is really smooth and refreshing, a bit sweet and has the perfect amount of bubbles. Some of the other flavours such as vanilla bean and blood orange are also great choices and I really want to try the apple flavour and the cucumber flavoured ones but can’t find them in store ( I may have to order some in from the website). I like this brand because their products are low in calories, not sickly sweet and use only 4 ingredients to create the drinks. Next time I am in Seattle, where their headquarters is, I want to check out the tasting lounge they have and if you are ever in the area I recommend a trip there too. It is also nice to see a non-alcoholic drink that is fancier than everyday pop that could be served at a party and be completely unapologetic about it. 

As someone living with certain allergies it is nice to see that companies are trying to reach out and give us the same love as everyone else. It is funny to call theses three products obsession, but they really are. I don’t usually obsess over anything so when I find something that piques my interest I want everyone to share in. If there is something you think I may like to check out be it a product, recipe, restaurant, kitchen tool or something else let me know in the comments. 

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