Sun Brewed Coffee



Cold brewed coffee has become very poplar in the last 5 years. I have tried some at my local coffee shop, and its nice, but honestly all coffee is good in my books.

I was thinking to myself if you can make coffee without heat and you can make tea with the sun why not sun brewed coffee?

A quick look at Pinterest I found a few people who had the same thought, and they seem to have succeeded in making sun brewed coffee.

Now was my turn.


It’s very easy to make, just takes time.

All you need is a glass jar with lid, finely ground coffee and water. Oh yeah, and the sun.

You could add flavour such as a vanilla, cinnamon sticks, cardamon pods, mint leaves, etc. if you like. It will be subtle but unique or be a purist like me and just add coffee.

Place the coffee and water (and flavouring) into the jar and stir. Put the lid on, not too tight as you do not want the jar to explode.

Put the jar somewhere sunny, this could be a windowsill inside or your deck/patio, anywhere the jar can get lots of sun. The coffee will settle to the bottom of the jar slowly.



Now you wait. And wait…..

I recommend waiting for 12-24 hours. You could drink it sooner but waiting allows the flavours to become more intense.

Once you have waited for what seems like forever, strain the coffee into another jar or pitcher using a fine mesh strainer, I actually used some cheesecloth inside my strainer to really make sure no coffee granules got in the finished product.

From here you can do whatever you want with the coffee, store in the refrigerator to use in cold coffee drinks, heat some up, add to sweet cakes, etc. Whatever you like!

It is that simple and now the next time you have people over you can let them in on the secret to a smoother, sweet caramel tasting coffee that is solar powered!


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