1929623_10757114047_8513_nI may as well have been born in the kitchen. From an young age my love for cooking was all consuming. I continue to learn and always have at least one recipe ready to be whipped up. Over the last 5 years or so I have gradually cut out wheat/gluten and all dairy from my diet. This has helped control (albeit stop) the migraines that I have suffered from for much of my life. I want this blog to be useable by others, regardless the skill level, or allergies/preferences you personally have. Whether it be a traditional family recipe or a fancy dessert I do my best to make it gluten and dairy free!

I named my blog The Hacked Kitchen because I tend to take written recipes and change them to my liking, particularly authentic and traditional recipes, so like taking a cleaver to a bunch of carrots I consider my methods similar, albeit without so much force.

Food has always been something I gravitated during moments of stress or other hardships, and in all honestly I feel that this is when I make my best dishes. I also enjoy being adventurous and daring in the kitchen, regardless of the mess it may make.

It it commonly acknowledge that food brings people together as a community so hopefully you will become a part of this way.




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